07/10/20 – Gaming PC Cleaning and Cable Management post thumbnail

A customer brought in an impressively-built Gaming PC that wouldn’t power on at all. Not even a light on inside the machine at all. The customer also mentioned when the PC did turn on, it would shortly turn itself back off after 5-10 minutes of gaming. This helped us narrow down the issue to 2 things: A failing/failed power supply, and dust buildup that has caused the PC to overheat and shutdown when under a heavy workload. Our PC Tech, Logan, took the old power supply out and found that it had completely failed and would not power on at all. We called the customer and told them the Power Supply had completely failed, and that we also suspected the over-heating and subsequent shutdowns were due to the large dust buildup in the system. They requested that we replace the power supply and clean out the entire machine. Logan decided to go a step further and help the customer out with their first custom Gaming PC they’ve built by cleaning up the cable management and organizing the arrangement of the fans for optimal airflow.

Here are some photos of the final results:

Project Issue :- Power Failure

Client Name :- Marcus